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How do you ensure the quality of your cars?
All cars that we buy are subject to a 100-point inspection, which is available to the buyer for full disclosure. After inspection, we recondition the car to a standard we’re happy to put our name behind. Most importantly, our employees are thorough, professional, and accountable. For any single car, one Curator runs the whole process – inspecting the car, speaking to the previous owner, reconditioning the car, and dealing with a customer. This means the person that deals with you knows the car and will be responsible for sorting out any issues. We call this providing ‘provenance’. It’s our quality guarantee and it’s crucial to how we do things.
What is the get\Seven guarantee?
It’s a grace period that allows you to drive the car for 700 km or 7 days, whichever comes first. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the car, you can return it to us for a refund of the purchase value, no questions asked. We’re excited about get\Seven – it’s a first of its kind in South Africa.
What are the get\Seven conditions?
The car must be returned in the same condition it was delivered – nothing damaged, nothing added, nothing changed. We will then refund the car purchase value. Other items, like finance, insurance, and additional warranties will be subject to their own terms and conditions.
What do you mean by deals that are ‘flexible’?
Traditionally, the three common elements of a trade – buy, trade-in and finance – are often mashed together. This can be confusing to the customer, and sometimes force them to trade-in and buy from the same dealer. Our flexible deals deliberately try to separate these elements. We want each to be clear, simple and separate. You can sell or finance your car through us without the condition of having to buy through us. Whichever you choose, we will provide realistic pricing for each process.
Can I visit your dealership and do you do test drives?
We’re not a traditional dealership with plate glass and gleaming white tile floors. We keep our costs low and our business lean so our buyers and sellers are first in line to get more. You can certainly visit us, but please make an appointment with your Curator first.

With qualifying vehicles now offering our get\Seven guarantee, you essentially get a seven day / 700km test drive. That beats the traditional 15-minute test drive, hands down.
Do you offer a get\Seven guarantee on all the cars you sell?
Most of our cars qualify for a get\Seven guarantee, but there are some exceptions. When we sell cars on consignment, or source specific cars for a customer, the commercial structure of the deals doesn’t allow us to offer it on these cars. This is always made clear to any potential buyer.
Will you find a car for me that you don’t have in stock?
Absolutely. Our sourcing professionals will assist you to find a great-value deal. We’re able to use our experience, data and relationships to guide and advise you through the process.
How does sourcing work?
You will find the sourcing option on our SOURCE page. Just complete the form and submit the details of the car you require. You will need to pay a small refundable deposit to get the process started. One of our sourcing professionals will then get in touch to better understand your requirements and explain the process in greater detail. Should they be unable to find your prefered car, the deposit will be refunded.

Typical selling process

I’d like to sell my car. How do I go about it?

It’s easy – just a few short steps:

Select sell from our home page. Fill out the details and request a quote

We will email you a cash offer and also a get\More quote, should your car qualify.

You accept the quote. We get in touch and arrange an inspection.

Our Curator will come to you, inspect the car and complete the paperwork.

We will pay and collect the car, or you can drop it off.

Do you buy cars nationally?
As a new business we currently operate in main centres only. As we grow, so will our national footprint.

Selling with getMore

How does get\More work?
Once all the necessary forms are completed, we will provide you with a quote. Should your car qualify for get\More, this will be indicated in the quote. Should you accept the quote, we will pay an upfront cash amount upon taking delivery of your car. We will then market the car, but at a price that you specify. That’s what makes get\More so powerful. It gives you full control over the selling price, and gives you the chance to sell your car for what it’s really worth. When the car sells, we will pay you a bonus amount. This bonus is the difference between the final selling price, and the initial upfront cash amount out and our fees.
Do you always offer get\More as an option?
Unfortunately not. We can only offer get\More on specific types of cars that are within certain mileage, age, and price ranges.
How does get\Worth make money on a deal?
We charge fees. We’re completely transparent about what and how much they are.

The fee consists of two portions:

The upfront fee covers our once-off costs such as administration, sales and listing.

The monthly fee covers our ongoing costs such as finance (based on what we paid you), insurance and rental.
Why is there a time period involved?
Each quote and contract specifies a number of days. This is the period during which you have the right to set the selling price of the car. If that period passes and the car does not sell, the right to set the selling price passes to us. This is because we carry the downside if the car does not sell. This has no impact on the upfront cash amount paid to you. The final selling price we set will be determined through market analysis to ensure a timeous sale. Should the final sales price exceed the upfront cash payment, fees and repair costs, you will still be entitled to the get\More bonus payment.
How are repairs handled?
We sell our get\More cars in excellent condition. Many cars require some work in order to bring them to a sale-ready state. Any work we commission is done by reputable reconditioners. The cost of these repairs will be deducted from the bonus payment.

Although we facilitate this process, we don’t add any markup. For full transparency, copies of the invoices are available to owners upon request. We will estimate the repairs required at the time of inspection and record this in the contract. If the actual quoted repair cost exceeds our initial estimate, we will get approval from you for the excess. If the repair costs are beyond a certain amount, we may need to adjust the upfront cash amount paid. If the repairs have been conducted and the car’s final selling price isn’t enough to cover the repairs, we bear the loss on the excess.
Will I always get a bonus payment?
In most cases, you will. But the price and time it takes for your car to sell will be determined by the market and the price you set. If the final selling price is less than the upfront cash we paid you, plus fees and repair costs, the bonus amount will be zero.

This does not affect the upfront cash amount, and you will never get less than the upfront cash amount paid to you.
Who owns the car?
We take ownership of the car when the deal is initiated and we pay you the upfront cash amount. Your right to a bonus payment is governed by a contract between yourself and us.

Because we take ownership and risk, you don’t need to worry about insurance or finance payments after we take delivery of the car.
What if I change my mind and want my car back?
No problem. You can simply buy your car back from us by exercising the buy-back option. You refund to us the money we have paid you plus what we have spent on repairs and pay us our fees to date and the car will be transferred back to you. You can do this at any time until the car is sold, so long as it is not subject to a live offer.
Can I exit if the car hasn’t sold?
For most cars, we offer a cash-out option for the first three months after a deal is initiated. We provide a price in each month. If you use this option, you receive the cash-out price for that month, less the money we have already paid you and the cost of repairs to your car.
If fees grow with time, isn’t it in your interest that the car takes longer to sell?
No. A quick sale is to everyone’s benefit. The longer a car takes to sell, the higher the risk that the market price can change. If prices go up, it’s good for both our customers and us. If the price drops below the upfront cash paid to a customer, plus repairs and fees, we make a loss.
Can I take a lower amount of upfront cash than you quoted me?
Yes. If you opt to take a lower cash amount, your monthly fees will be lower and you will have longer to set the selling price while the car sells. This is your choice, and can make sense for certain cars.


What does consignment entail?
We will market and sell your car on your behalf, but we don’t make any upfront payment and you retain ownership of the car while it is being sold. This also means that you must continue to insure the car and pay for it if it is financed. There are various different ways to consign. Get in touch with us and we will suggest the best options for you.
What will it cost me?
We work with a modest fixed-fee structure. Customers can opt for an upfront fee, which is lower, or a fee only on a successful sale, which is a bit higher. This contrasts with the traditional industry approach to consignment, which normally looks for a percentage of the selling price (typically in the 4% - 10% range). We don’t think the traditional structure properly balances the fact that you, as the owner, are the one who continues to bear the finance and insurance costs and pricing risk. We believe the seller should keep more of the selling price.


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